Application Modernization Services

Intel Data Rapid Framework of Application Modernization Practice helps companies move rapidly through this complicated yet need-of-the hour modernization process and obtain measurable value with less risk.

We provide application migration & modernization services for all kinds of web and mobile apps. We ensure that your existing applications are transformed as per the latest trends in technology and design.

  • Experience Team with 10 plus year of consolidated experience. 
  • Upto 60% plus cost savings and quick ROI.
  • Experience team with Lean Processes, Agile Mindset.

Intel Data was able to migrate our web application written in legacy open source to new framework and fully enabled cloud solution in flat 4 months.
Pramod CEO Gera Gulf
Thanks team of Intel data were able to provide Smart hospital Solution to our client, we being management consultant they were able to deliver the technical solution.
Sunita Sharma
Sunita SharmaManagement Consultant
Converting Legacy old application with modern IOT based solution using AWS was tough and challenging, Intel Data team where able to do the same in very short duration.
Nikhil Bajaj
Nikhil BajajOwner Smart Energy

Faster time to market with customer delight and continuous evolution amid the uncertainties are the most pressing concerns of companies. As an application modernization company, we understand your challenges and work as a team to overcome them.

Our Offerings

OS & Server Migration

We review your business’s existing applications and suggest if any OS updates or system migration required.

  • Linux to Windows migration
  • Operating system updates
  • Application server migration

UI Modernization & Migration

We provide UI modernization & migration to maintain a consistent UX across smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

  • Portfolio assessment & planning

  • Application re-architecture
  • Application re-engineering

Website Migration

Migration between one platform to another, one technology to another and one domain to a different one.

  • Open source to Microsoft technologies
  • Old version CMS to new CMS
  • Installments, service pack / tool installs

Product Migration

We take care of your digital products and migrate the best suited platforms, versions and other enhancements.

  • Version upgrades and enhancements

  • Data & database migration
  • Application Integration

API Migration & Modernisation

We provide API migration services. Be it a data transfer from website APIs to mobile APIs, different web APIs to host APIs or upgradation of APIs, our team caters to all.

  • API re-architecture & re-engineering

  • Application Migration & Re-hosting
  • Installments, service pack / tools installs

Cloud Migration

We work on your legacy applications and migrate them on cloud as per your specific business requirements. Our legacy application migration services include

  • Interface & server handling

  • Enterprise mobility cloud migration
  • Legacy system migration