Intel Data is the best partner for you to exceed into the digital transformation journey.  We help you build a core business model for creating your own digital disruptions—so you can deepen customer engagement, achieve unprecedented immediacy and efficiency, and dominate tomorrow’s markets.

Our end-to-end solutions backed with proven methodologies and strategies, help you fully leverage the benefits of digital, transform your teams, processes, and the way you think about your business.

Digital Transformation Advantage

It results in fundamental changes to the way a business operates. Companies are using this process to remake their businesses to be more efficient and more profitable.


Mobile Pro, Cloud Pro Solutions
Strong Open Source Expertise
Future Proof and Secure Solutions
Superior Customer Experience Delivery
Faster Conversions of Ideas into Solutions


Fully capable team for remote product and platform development, Plan, deploy and deliver complete enterprise mobility solution with us while improving security.

Mobile First Adaptable Application

Our custom-built mobile apps increase customer engagement, enhance productivity, and ensure that you reach the last mile of your desired process in an optimized and successful way.


We are building new innovative, highly scalable, developer-friendly APIs within different ecosystems.As enterprises embark on this journey towards finer-grained architectures, we handhold them to leverage the full benefits of this new way of doing business.

Building Adaptable Application

Our capability lies in building the API management platforms that provide the security, reliability, visibility, and adaptability needed to run Micro services architecture efficiently and effectively.

Build Secure IoT Solutions with us

We offer comprehensive IoT solutions to generate data-driven intelligence from connected things, people, and devices. We build securely connected solution to enhance your business efficiency, and improve your customer experience.

IOT Enabled Application

As IoT enters into every aspect of our lives, it poses many security risks and threats. To ensure that your IoT systems and users are entirely secure, you need a trusted IoT partner with proven expertise, and that’s us. Fully secure and proven solution for device management to analytics.

Cloud Computing Solution

As a leading cloud integration partner, we help customers at every step in making the right cloud investment decisions. We hold rich experience in dealing with the market’s leading public cloud platforms, which make us the appropriate choice for your business.

Multi Cloud Enabled Solution

With our cloud services, you can empower your employees to work better, gain higher productivity, and be more agile. That is why some of the most innovative and disruptive companies around the globe rely on our system integration services.

DevOps Automation

We ensure the on-boarding of applications by facilitating continuous integration and development and automating end-to-end delivery pipeline across several leading platforms. With our DevOps consulting, we help you achieve higher efficiency, a better quality of software builds, and faster time to market.

DevOps Consulting

As a DevOps consulting service company, we facilitate the provider journey to your organization. We develop and deploy software in a highly collaborative manner. With our DevOps consulting, you can align your corporate goals while delivering high-quality services.

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