Are you struggling with huge cost of managing and monitoring the project ?

Are you struggling with huge cost of managing and monitoring the project ? use a great global tool ERM

Every project has a life cycle. According to the PMBOK guide (Project Management Body of Knowledge) During this life cycle, there are several phases/stages are required to be created. Each of these stages/process areas has a different and important objective, which helps to produce desired outcomes in a project. The ERM tool help you to create your own custom Stages and Project control areas in the tool keep the project on track, you can try a free subscription at , Project monitoring and controlling, unlike the other phases, is done from the beginning until the end of the project. These monitoring and controlling project process activities check whether the project is going as planned and whether there are any deviations from the baseline. So this process group covers all the other four process areas.

Why the project monitoring and controlling phase is important?

For a successful project, there are some best practices to implement good project monitoring & controlling. Because monitoring and controlling activities check if there are deviations from the expected results of the project progress.  The inteldata ERM tool help you to capture, manage not only task within the tool but see the overall outcome of the project by providing you features like

With the great tool available it only cost less a coffee to manage your entire project operation in one single tool with 10+ module including HRM, Employee Training, Invoice, Payment, Product, Service and Workforce Management.

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