Application Modernization Services

Our Application Modernization Services help organizations transform time-tested legacy applications to newer technologies and architecture to deliver greater business value.

Transforming Legacy Application

Intel data team is transforming legacy application into modernize framework by not changing the design but by building cross compatibility solution without much overhead and cost.
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Cloud Migration Services

The shift to Cloud isn’t only a cloud solution’s, As enterprise to embrace newer operating models and cutting-edge IT architecture, It also advantage the new revenue streams to flow within their digital pursuits.

Cloud Consolidation Solutions

Our Multi Cloud Migration Services facilitate seamless and optimal migration of apps, from any app environment or on-premise legacy systems to any cloud— Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, IBM, Google Cloud & Salesforce.
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Co-Platform Development

Online platforms development capabilities creates a difference. We have research based capabilities and our founder member and advisory are able to promote an researchers based solution From the automotive to real estate sectors.

Economical Remote Team

We’ve already helped an array of market leaders launch new B2C digital platforms and scale B2B platform as a service offerings, positioning our clients miles ahead of the monolithic competition. From Data Strategy to AI and RPA Technology solution, we have consolidated 20 plus year of product development experience.
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Digital Transformation

Our end-to-end solutions backed with proven methodologies and strategies, help you fully leverage the benefits of digital, transform your teams, processes, and the way you think about your business.

Digital Transformation Journey

We help you build a core business model for creating your own digital disruptions—so you can deepen customer engagement, achieve unprecedented immediacy and efficiency, and dominate tomorrow’s markets.
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Enterprise Resource Management Platform

Globally enterprises are facing large increase of operating expenses and lack visibility to manage the maintenance operations and the expenditure associated to with this. Overcoming the barrier of employees expectation that business processes and systems are optimized and make use of latest sets of technology.

SaaS based Integrated Multi Industry

Overcome the challenge of Managing Remote Sales and Service Workforce, Scheduling, Assets Maintenance, Billing. Maintenance of large infrastructure sets such as Commercial or Household Building, roads, railway, transport fleet, electricity ,gas and water networks require large operational and capital expenditure budgets.
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RPA Datapacket Team

By leveraging agile automation maturity delivery models, we help organizations around the world to increase revenue, achieve business goals, gain competitive advantage and maximize customer satisfaction while significantly reduce the cost of doing business process.

Our RPA Methodology

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Intelligent Data Services

Data integration: Makes data blending simple by using drag-and-drop tools to create the data sets needed for each use case. Intel Data enables the use of popular data integration tools, such as Alteryx and Talend, to optimize productivity.

Our Data Science Services

Data science Services to Automates and enhances results with machine learning. using market rated We help you rise above the competition to derive unprecedented prediction and intelligence from data.
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Startup Funding

As Intel Data team we encourage new entrepreneur on technology, funding and innovation funding. We are incubators of social and enterprise disruption. We believe that innovation and market based models are powerful solutions to alleviating poverty and creating both enterprise and social impact at scale.

Your dream can be a reality.

We have encourage spending our 20 years of knowledge in platform or product development to drive innovative model towards individual and enterprise goal.
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Economical , Adaptable and Blended

We work closely with enterprise for IOT, Data Strategy, ERP Migration, BI Dashboard and Reporting, 

IntelData Dynamic  Enterprise solution, IntelData offers you a new way of thinking your business. Tailoring your business management solution according to your specific needs is a great way to reduce costs and maximize productivity and profitability.

Our Customized CRM Solutions has an excellent dashboard that gives you immediate access to contact management, reports, emails, phone calls, and more. And, if the intuitive, web-based interface wasn’t enough, there are also mobile apps so you can make sales wherever you go.

Add Real-time SaaS, NoSQL, & Big Data Connectivity to Power BI. 
A powerful set of certified data connectors that simplify the process of accessing enterprise data in real-time. Connect with Accounting, CRM, ERP, Marketing Automation, On-Premise and Cloud data from Power BI. 

Intel Data is team of professional 
with rich experience in platform and 
product development. 

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