For Collaboration, Innovation, Customer Advance and Enterprise solution with no overhead to operation cost.

We are building and funding intelligence solution around multiple sectors.

As Intel Data team we encourage new entrepreneur on technology, funding and innovation funding. We are incubators of social and enterprise disruption. We believe that innovation and market based models are powerful solutions to alleviating poverty and creating both enterprise and social impact at scale. We have encourage spending our 20 years of knowledge in platform or product development to drive innovative model towards individual and enterprise goal.


Disruption and Improving health outcomes at the bottom of the pyramid through affordable, accessible and innovative solutions. We help in building AI based solution to both pre and post health care ecosystem.

Agriculture & AgriTech

Building resilience of the farmer as well as the farming supply chain for pure and organic food.. Building IOT intelligent solution around Agriculture ecosystem.

Energy & Cleantech

Building Automation around Energy & Utilities and Combining climate change mitigation with economic resilience through innovative technology solutions.

Are you looking for Startup Support and Funding

The entrepreneurs that we work with are technically/business process owner with passion to find solutions to disrupt the market using edge technologies. We complements this with sound business acumen and go-to-market strategies. Feel free to reach us at or click on the button to start your startup journey.

Inteldata ventured and supported Accountifying team to build a unique digital accounting SaaS based platform. It is transforming Customer, Vendor , Invoicing, Payment and Reconciliation of business accounting on the go. Visit the #Accountifying you tube channel

Inteldata ventured and crafted end to end design, development and deployment of Intelligent Talent Acquisition Platform. Powerful platform for independent recruiter, corporate or large enterprise talent and hiring manager. Platform with data intelligence capability to automate your hiring to on-boarding process. Singe source of data for all recruiter in the enterprise to follow, manage and evaluate candidate.

Introducing MoneyfyBusiness: a powerful platform with over 20 integrations for your eCommerce and enterprise applications, designed to accelerate your website’s growth through intelligent notifications. Easily integrate with tools like Shopify, WordPress, and Zapier with just one line of code. Create and customize notifications to boost conversions, build social proof, and collect valuable user data. MoneyfyBusiness offers a range of plans to suit your needs, from startups to large enterprises. Start transforming your customer experience and drive business growth today.

Peopleomatic is a cutting-edge SaaS platform designed to enhance productivity by automating and managing enterprise-wide activities. With seamless integration, it handles sales-to-order processes, project management, workforce automation, payroll, asset management, and service management, all within a cloud-based infrastructure. Peopleomatic enables businesses to transition to a fully digital and paperless operation swiftly, offering robust support for efficient digital transformation.

meetupcard , a conversation start with meetupcard

Meetupcard is a platform designed to streamline networking and event management. It allows users to create digital business cards and seamlessly share them with others. The platform supports organizing and managing contacts efficiently, making it ideal for professionals attending conferences, trade shows, and networking events. With Meetupcard, you can easily exchange contact information, follow up with new connections, and maintain a digital Rolodex, enhancing your networking experience and professional interactions.