For Collaboration, Innovation, Customer Advance and Enterprise solution with no overhead to operation cost.

SaaS based Integrated Multi Industry  Workforce, Assets, Services & Sales Management. Overcome the challenge of Managing Remote Sales and Service Workforce, Scheduling, Assets Maintenance, Billing. Maintenance of large infrastructure sets such as Commercial or Household Building, roads, railway, transport fleet, electricity ,gas and water networks require large operational and capital expenditure budgets.

Globally enterprises are facing  large increase of operating expenses and lack visibility to manage the maintenance operations and the expenditure associated to with this. Overcoming the barrier of employees expectation that business processes and systems are optimized and make use of latest sets of technology. 

ENHANCECustomer Experience using SaaS Based Field Sales and Service Management to make your operation running seamlessly in any situation 24/7 without worrying high operation cost.Get QuoteIMPROVEField Force Utilization, Optimize your Workfoce , Assets, Compliance,
Service & Sales Management to save more than 40% operation costGet Quote
AUTOMATERevenue Streams, with integrated Integrated Invoice Payment & Process with Customer and Vendor Portal increase value of delivery and unified across enterprise. Get Quote200 plus FeaturesFrom creating the work order, monitoring, scheduling, route optimization, vehicle tracking, issuing parts and inventory management all in one solution with Billing, HR, Project and Team Management.Get Quote

Our platform focus not only the aspect CRM, Planning, Costing, Document Management, Project and Product Life cycle  Management, Inventory, Vendor Management, Invoicing and Payment Processing, HR Management, Marketing and Office Internal Chat Communication, Work Order Execution, Inspection, preventive maintenance integrated with multiple ERP,ERM and CRM and Enterprise system including but not limited to SAP, Oracle, Dynamics AX, D365,  Epicor,  Salesforce, Google,  Hubspot, Zoho and many others. The platform fully integrated with open source map and IOT enabled devices using FSM(Field Service Management) API.

Cloud Based Field Sales and Service Management to make your operation running seamlessly in any
situation 24/7 without worrying high operation cost. Making optimal Utilization of workforce without investing huge cost.

Work Orders Management

Intelligent Work Allocation

Manage & Monitor Workforce

Inspection & Compliance

Optimize Scheduling
Time Tracking & Activity Logs

Route Optimization

Real time work order status

Vehicle Location Tracking

Parts & Inventory Management

Integrated Invoice Payment & Process

Customer Portal
Optimize your Service & Sales, Workforce , Assets & Compliance Management to save more than
40% operation cost.