For Collaboration, Innovation, Customer Advance and Enterprise solution with no overhead to operation cost.

Inteldata Analytics Solutions

Intel Data provide three fold services to transform any legacy data into intelligent reporting.

Data integration: Makes data blending simple by using drag-and-drop tools to create the data sets needed for each use case. Intel Data enables the use of popular data integration tools, such as Alteryx and Talend, to optimize productivity.

Data visualization: Easily creates graphical and interactive visualizations. Our platform allows you to plug in powerful tools, such as Tableau and QlikView, to enable your users to facilitate insight through advanced data visualizations.

Data science Services to Automates and enhances results with machine learning. using market rated  We help you rise above the competition to derive unprecedented prediction and intelligence from data.

Operation Cost Optimization for Data Ingestion and Administration.
  1. Automation of Data Source Collection
  2. Data Ingestion utilizing Data Automation Framework and Tools
  3. Data Eco System Building ( Multi Data Connectivity and Cross Data Selection )
  4. Data Discovery Exploration
  5. Open Connect Data Visualization
  6. Role Based  Business Dashboards On-the-go
  7. Embedded AI for formation of Data Intelligence making data intel data.