As Intel Data team we encourage new entrepreneur on technology, funding and innovation funding. We are incubators of social and enterprise disruption. We believe that innovation and market based models are powerful solutions to alleviating poverty and creating both enterprise and social impact at scale. We have encourage spending our 20 years of knowledge in platform or product development to drive innovative model towards individual and enterprise goal.

We are building intelligence solution around multiple sectors.


Disruption and Improving health outcomes at the bottom of the pyramid through affordable, accessible and innovative solutions. We help in building AI based solution to both pre and post health care ecosystem.

Agriculture & AgriTech

Building resilience of the farmer as well as the farming supply chain for pure and organic food.. Building IOT intelligent solution around Agriculture ecosystem.

Energy & Cleantech

Building Automation around Energy & Utilities and Combining climate change mitigation with economic resilience through innovative technology solutions.

Are you looking for Startup Support and Funding

The entrepreneurs that we work with are technically sound and are passionate about finding solutions for technologies. We complements this with sound business acumen and go-to-market strategies. Feel free to reach us at or click on the button to start your startup journey.

Seed funding

Seed funding through grants or equity both from private equity and crowd funding.

High Touch Engagement

High touch engagement through an experienced team of sector experts and managers

Pro-Bono Mentoring

A Pro-bono mentoring and technical assistance program to gain access to specialized skills and expertise

Networks and Connections

Networks and connections to successfully launch in market and gain traction among customers

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